World Music Lessons

Ùd (Middle Eastern Lute), Nay, Qanùn, Daff, Middle Eastern Singing, Music Appreciation, Music Theory & many more.


When it comes to learning a traditional instrument of more than a thousand year history, you just have to wait to be amazed.




If in a traditional Middle Eastern playing technique, or an Ottoman even Persian Style, the Qanùn (the tablet Middle Eastern Harp) is best to describe the authentic sound of yesteryear!


Middle Eastern Singing

Everybody can sing! But few are true singers. No need to be a Pavarotti to work on your voice, but in case you're aiming big, DooZhen is the right place to nurture your vocal talent!



Choir & Ensemble

Nothing can be more joyful yet instructive than working with a team to make the best human soundings. Whether singing a Classical repertoire or a world music folk song, Choir is still the best commitment to foster your talent!