Choir & Ensemble

A- “Choir is the art of a vocal melting pot. The artistry of echoing a vocal Oneness” N.F.
Homogeneity, Harmony, less of Me more of Us, “Vocal Orgy” J (a decent synonym: Vocal Saturnalia!). The choir is the crafting from multilayers vocal potent into a Whole Entity of Human vocal wave. It’s losing the one talent into one resonating Human Clays.

At DooZhen, our ultimate musical pleasure is to bring many talents together, and while investing in the individual, we are sculpting a group sound that is the choir!

Our repertoire is widely diversified; From Folk and Traditional World Music vocal forms, to early stage of Eastern Sacred Music, to Gregorian chant, Troubadours and trouvères, Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romantic and New Compositions.

We believe that a beautiful voice can sing any style. It is only a matter of adaptation and masterhood.

DooZhen collaborated with many adults and kids church choirs, and academic choirs, by providing intensive workshops (over a weekend or a week). Also worked closely with choir directors, choir members, and choir soloists for an optimal musical elaboration.

B- Ensemble; it is almost universal that young talents want to jam… DooZhen hooks up the right musician with the right gig!