Vocal Coaching & Free Singing Style

DooZhen is proud to cover many singing styles. While the Middle Eastern Singing is our forte, other singing styles from around the world are a must for a versatile singer. From Classic, to Pop, from Jazz to R&B, From Middle Eastern to Indian, preparing a voice for any style is our specialty.
DooZhen means to tune, and believe me, no talent could ever face successfully or own his audience without fine “DooZhening!” Nizar Fares.

With over 15 years of vocal tutoring, where Nizar coached more than 1200 vocal talents, directed several choirs, and dealt with tens of soloists, of which many won first prizes in Talent Shows such as X-FactorStar AcademyVoice, and others…
Many Stars worked with Nizar personally to overcome their vocal obstacles! He covered with them these main 4 axes:
a- Breath,
b- Registers, Range/Tessitura,
c- Vocal tone,
d- Vocal agility,
With a special emphasize on vocal ornamentations (Subject of Nizar’s Thesis), which is approached intensively in Middle Eastern Singing and R&B.

We welcome ALL singing levels at DooZhen, from raw vocal gift of a 5 years old kid, to professional singers. We are able to assist vocal talents at any stage of their career. Some talents use our expertise to warm their voice before a concert -just for once!-, while others commit to our vocal curriculum weekly, bi-weekly and even daily!!