About Us


Our Mission

Teach with Integrity and keep Talents’ Genuineness​

We acknowledge that every talent is unique. This is why DooZhen teaches with integrity to ensure keeping the authentic flavour and the originality of the musical gift, which is expressed in the student’s character as in his musical interpretation. Yet, we encourage our talents to adopt new methods and academic tips to evolve in their career and gain more expertise in the musical field, without scratching their genuineness!

There are thousands of great musicians around the world, but aren’t we witnessing more and more musical prototypes? We’d rather help our students to reach excellence with an intrinsic Talent.

​Whether you want to go pro, to enjoy investing in your talent, to practise your instrument, or maybe to discuss your goals in music, you can just call or visit. You’ll find us there for you!

Our Vocation

You are our Musical Fulfilment

Every endowed student is a valued potential Artist for DooZhen. Therefore, we strive with youngsters as with adults, beginners as advanced to make the best out of their musical experience. On one hand, with our out-of-the-box academic curricula, fun yet constructive, on the other hand, with our experienced and professional staff, we guarantee you for our talents not less than excellence.

Testimonies From The Heart

“DooZhen is where I used to rush after work or during weekends to learn from the best. The friendliest atmosphere ever; a place gathering passionate singers and instruments players. I’ve shared the stage several times with kids, teens, students, parents and even grandparents; a living proof that music has no age. A big thank you to the person I look up to in all aspects of life, not only in music, Nizar Fares, for letting me part of DooZhen family and for the wonderful experience and great memories.”

By Charlotte Hattouni

“I learned at Doozhen that the voice should reflect my own personality and not any star I’m fan off, and never copy-paste the teacher!
At choir, it was difficult as a soloist to blend in, so I learned how to adapt my voice skills to be in harmony and melt into one choir voice.
For me at Doozhen, it was a life changing experience; it’s not only about music, it’s about building character, invest in the talent and the person to shine in all aspects of life.

I got to know how a teacher put all his knowledge in your hands to grasp! Teachers at DooZhen simply taught me how to become myself a good teacher and pass on the torch.

DooZhen was the place of new musical experiences in terms of singing in new languages and different styles. The vocal areas where you won’t dare to step by yourself.”

By Aline El Ramy