Speech Therapy & Vocal Hygiene

  1. With our advanced vocal assessment process, we are able to determine vocal defects, maladies and ready to help in preserving vocal folds by referring the right musical or vocal therapy.Your career requires addressing a big audience? Whether you’re a teacher, lecturer, lawyer, doctor, or a sales expert. We, at DooZhen, can help in so many ways:

    A- Preserve your voice even after hours of speech.

    B- Communicate your ideas in an appealing, charismatic, well intonated ways

    C- Master your pronunciation, articulation, and vocal register.

    D- A special syllabus emphasizing on Arabic Public Speaking Skills is endemically designed at DooZhen and implemented successfully with many public communicators.

  2. During puberty, our teenagers undergo a great vocal transition. Any wrong coaching could damage their voice permanently. Therefore, at DooZhen, we assist our vocal talented youth to transition smoothly.
  3. Moreover, at puberty, many boys suffer a breaking voice, and some endure an unchanging one! It is psychologically and emotionally draining. Even many we know have experienced a stagnation in their career due to their “un-appealing” voice, that could easily reflect an undetermined character, or a breaking voice (switching between chest and head voice)…
    At DooZhen, we addressed many cases successfully, we helped with vocal and technical exercises to overcome a breaking voice. We are proud to have young adults who succeeded in their endeavours after riding out from their vocal obstacle!